Dogs missing from Maui Humane Society

Photo of Pebbles provided by the Maui Humane Society

The Maui Humane Society is asking the public for help to find two dogs recently stolen from its kennels.

They were reportedly taken sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning.

According to Jamie Fitzpatrick, director of animal care and clients, one of the dogs is scheduled to fly to the mainland this Thursday.

Pebbles is an 11-month-old brown, white and black spayed Heeler mix. She weighs about 37 pounds and walks with a slight limp on her right side.

Plans are in place to transfer her to Portland shelter for adoption through the Wings of Aloha program.

“Unfortunately, unless she’s back in our care by Thursday morning, she’s going to miss her flight and not be able to go to Portland this go around,” Fitzpatrick said.

The second dog is an intact male Heeler mix with black-and-white markings that was found as a stray last Thursday.

He has a splinted right rear leg and was scheduled to have X-rays this week.

“First we noticed Pebbles was missing and we thought she had just escaped because she was by herself in her kennel,” Fitzpatrick said. “Then we noticed that another dog was missing and the other dog, the dog with the broken leg, he had been housed in a kennel with another dog. The other dog was still in the kennel and the kennel gate was closed.

“We don’t really know who could have taken the dogs or for what reason,” she added. “At this point, we’re just hoping we can get them back shortly so we can work on getting them the homes and help that they need.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the society’s Humane Enforcement Department at (808) 877-3680, ext. 211.

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