Kaiser student creates his own anti-bullying campaign

After a recent threat canceled an anti-bullying assembly at Kaiser High School, one student has taken matters into his own hands.

Junior Kannon Rivas wanted to do something positive, so he asked the English department to have students write something positive on a piece of paper.

He then transferred each quote onto a sticky note and plans to use them to create a collage in the cafeteria.

“It gives students an opportunity to really feel and understand how caring and how nice the students at Kaiser are,” he said. “Seeing the messages, there are a lot of kind and great people that are at Kaiser.”

Rivas said he’s collected at least 1,500 messages so far. The collage will go up on Friday.

“I think bullies will feel like they are kind of out in the open now and they cannot really bully people on the side anymore. The entire school is against it,” he said.

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