Laulima: Students share their ‘wealth’ with others


Individuals and businesses have given generously to our Laulima families this holiday season.

But kids are also playing an important role.

Skipping through the aisles of Toys”R”Us isn’t unusual, and the excitement is to be expected.

Third graders at Maemae Elementary worked hard to buy toys, doing chores like taking out the garbage or washing dishes for a month and saving their allowance.

maemae toys r us (2)

With pockets “full” of money, they could get whatever they want.

But they’re not spending one penny on themselves. In fact, they don’t even know who they’re spending it on.

But they know enough.

“I’m buying for the unfortunate people who don’t have a good Christmas,” said Jaz Takamune.

“I feel happy that I’m getting toys for other people,” said Tahiti Nahale.

One hundred and fifteen “elves” dressed in bright yellow Maemae Elementary School T-shirts caused joyful chaos while picking presents for a school a mile away, at Lincoln Elementary.

“What are you thinking about when you buy?” KHON2 asked.

“I just look at the price and see if there’s a better deal,” said Takamune.

Shrewd buying is part of a good math lesson. “They’re learning about rounding off numbers, social skills, civics, wants and needs, merchants, goods services and things like that,” said teacher Taylor Terrazas.

maemae student gifts

Five days later, every grade gave a gift to Santa to give to Lincoln Elementary.

Lincoln Elementary principal Shannon Goo addressed the students: “At Lincoln Elementary, we have a value. It’s called akahai. Do you know what that means? It means kindness and you have shown a lot of kindness to us today.”

Lincoln students also shared their thanks through song.

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