Lawmaker: Hospital should not have released stabbing suspect

Chauncey Ingraham

The suspect in a violent home burglary that ended with a woman bleeding and fearing for her life appeared in court Wednesday.

Chauncey Ingraham, 30, is charged with attempted murder, burglary and kidnapping. He appeared in District Court and was lucid enough to answer the judge’s questions.

Ingraham is accused of stabbing a woman after breaking into her home on Kaikea Place in Kailua.

According to court documents, Ingraham told the woman, “I am a soldier and I am going to kill you,” before stabbing and slashing her multiple times. She was able to get away and get help from neighbors.

Witnesses said Ingraham drove off, but police caught up with him in Waimanalo.

Court documents say when police arrested him, he said, “I didn’t meant to steal the car. I had to get out of there. Zombies were chasing me.”

It’s bizarre behavior that’s apparently nothing new to those who have examined Ingraham at Hawaii State Hospital.

The Hawaii Health Department, which is in charge of the hospital, refused to say why Ingraham was released.

But state Sen. Josh Green (D-Kona, Kau) said it shouldn’t have happened.

Green, who is a medical doctor and co-chaired the committee to investigate Hawaii State Hospital, said he was told that Ingraham has been in and out of the facility.

When asked why Ingraham was discharged, Green said, “I don’t know. It’s a big question. I’ve heard through the grapevine that the healthcare professionals really preferred that he not be discharged and they are over capacity at the hospital.”

“Did Chauncey Ingraham fall through the cracks then?” KHON2 asked.

“It’s hard for me to know, because I’m not the providing physician,” he said. “I would just say this. We’re going to see more and more people fall through the cracks if we don’t expand our services and our capacity.”

Last year, Ingraham was given a psychiatric evaluation after getting arrested for criminal property damage, a petty misdemeanor. According to court documents, doctors determined he posed a moderate-to-high risk of violence to himself and others.

Yet, he was eventually found fit to stand trial and served his time.

Green said he would like to add at least a hundred more beds and different levels of mental services, which could cost up to $200 million.

“We can afford to do this?” KHON2 asked.

“We have to. One terrible event where a young person gets stabbed justifies it,” he said.

According to neighbors, the woman who was stabbed has been released from the hospital.

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