Stores promise enough fireworks to sell to all permit holders


Today was the last day on Oahu to buy fireworks permits for New Year’s Eve.

Even though some folks never used their permits last year because the supply of fireworks ran out, a lot of people still bought permits.

More than a thousand permits went to waste last year, and at $25 each, that’s a lot of money. But KHON2 spoke with a major retailer who plans to have a lot more firecrackers on hand for this year.

Those who made it out to the satellite city halls around Oahu today got their fireworks permits just in time. According to the Honolulu Fire Department, the amount of permits sold this year will be close to last year’s total — 9,000, not counting Friday’s figures.

Last year, nearly 11,000 permits were sold. But because the stores’ stock was depleted, 1,600 permits were not used.

The fire department allowed the permit owners to exchange them for this year, but only 340 permits were exchanged. So 1,260 went to waste.

Don Quijote, which has three stores on Oahu, says it has ordered 25 percent more firecrackers this year compared to last. Still, some permit owners plan to be there early when firecrackers go on sale.

“yeah, ’cause most definitely the next day, they’re gonna be out of the brand that a lot of people like, so we try to get there early to wack the shelves fast,” said Jason Rodriguez, who bought six permits.

“You just gotta go right after Christmas, they get plenty,” said Jeffrey Manuel, who bought two permits.

Fireworks go on sale Friday, December 26.

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