Critical accident brings to light visibility concerns

Honolulu police conducting the investigation on Hookanike Street.

Honolulu police were called to Hookanike Street in Pearl City Friday night.

“At about 7:30 this evening, female in her teens was crossing the street when she was struck on a marked crosswalk by a vehicle,” said Lt. Carlene Lau of the Honolulu Police Department.

The victim was taken to the Queen’s Medical Center in critical condition.

Some residents say it can be a scary road at night, especially where the accident occurred.

“The road is very dangerous. You can’t see very much because this tree here blocks the light,” said Kawika Rivera, a Pearl City resident.

“Was kind of dark. You could only see the police light flashing and the fire trucks and all that. But not too much of the street light,” said Theresa Pacleb, a Pearl City resident.

Even though there are lights on Hookanike Street, some residents we spoke to say it’s not enough.

Some of the street lights are blocked by tree branches. Some residents say they need to be trimmed. They also believe lights should be installed across the street.

“We need more lights. So that way pedestrians are safe when they’re walking. And for the drivers also, so they can see better,” said Rivera.

Police say the driver involved in the accident is a woman in her 20s. They do not believe speed or alcohol were factors.

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