Musician seeks help finding missing violin with sentimental value

Courtesy of Lisa Gomes

A grinch stole a woman’s violin right after she played in front of the Honolulu Hale Christmas tree.

Lisa Gomes says after performing with the Celtic Pipes and Drums Wednesday night, she placed her violin case on the ground while she loaded her car in the parking garage.

She walked away for about an hour, got back to her car, didn’t see anything and went home, where she realized her violin was gone.

“This violin was given to me by my parents when I graduated from high school for my music career,” said the violin player. “My mom died. I played this violin at her funeral. This is my connection to my parents, and it’s the only one I’ve got.”

Gomes says she doesn’t want to prosecute, no questions asked, but wants it dropped off at the police station.

The missing silver-colored case included a violin, violin bow and microphone. Gomes described the instrument as a 1920 German-made violin with dark varnish.

12-20 missing violin 1

Courtesy of Lisa Gomes

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