One-thousand students awarded degrees at UH graduation ceremony

This may be the best present yet for about 1,000 people and their families—a college degree.

About 800 University of Hawaii students received bachelor’s degrees today, and more than 200 received master’s or doctorate’s degrees, or certificates.

Their commencement ceremony was held at the Stan Sheriff center Saturday morning.

“It feels really good. It feels good to accomplish something and make my parents proud,” said Gladys Paselio of West Oahu, a UH sociology major.

“I’m actually going to be working as a project manager at a place called Na Mea Hawaii so and then after that I hope to continue my education by doing my MBA,” said Jacob Elarco of Waimea, Hawaii, a business management and Hawaiian language major.

New at UH for this graduation ceremony, incentives for carpooling to the Stan Sheriff Center were introduced like designated parking and a free Hydro Flask.

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