Wastewater overflow occurs on Maui

The County of Maui’s Dept. of Environmental Management reported Saturday that a wastewater overflow of approximately 500 gallons occurred on South Kihei Road between Lipoa Street and Halekuai Street due to mechanical failure at the Kihei #5 Pump Station.

The overflow started at approximately midnight and was stopped by 12:30 a.m.

Wastewater flowed from three manholes on South Kihei Road into a storm drain that discharges into the pond adjacent to St. Theresa Church. The sewage reached the pond, but a sand berm at the west end of the pond prevented the sewage from entering the ocean.

The County chemist has taken water samples at the pond and at the ocean for microbiological analysis. Signs have been posted along the pond and at the beach area fronting the pond, but no beach closures have been posted.

The malfunction was corrected and the spill site at South Kihei Road was cleaned and disinfected. The State Department of Health has been notified.

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