Wild weather damages property in Central, Windward Oahu

A large tree lands on a pickup truck in Wahiawa.

It was a wild night for many residents in Central Oahu Friday. Blustery winds brought down a massive tree on Kiekie Place in Wahiawa.

“And I said, ‘Wow! That must be a hail.’ So I stood up to take a look and then, ‘Ba boom!’ And I looked, looking out the front window. It was like, ‘What is that? What is that?’ And like, ‘Ho! That’s the top of the tree!’ That’s the whole tree in my front yard. I couldn’t believe it,” said Wahiawa resident John Figueroa Jr.

The tree landed on Figueroa’s pickup truck, crushing the roof.

“I live Wahiawa all my life. I’ve been through many hurricanes in Wahiawa. But yeah, it’s the first time I’ve ever had any real big damage like that,” said Figueroa.

Mother Nature didn’t stop there. The heavy winds knocked over a large Silver Oak tree onto a Wahiawa home.

“We were listening to all of the wind and sticks falling and pretty soon there was a loud crash and glass falling,” said Wahiawa resident Martha Peterson.

Peterson says she was shaken up. To make matters worse, the power in her home was already out. So she and her husband had to wait until the morning before they could assess the damage to their kitchen, dining room, and bathroom.

Over in Kahaluu, one resident says the winds were especially strong Friday night. Strong enough to knock over a tree through his neighbor’s fence and into the yard.

“The tree was like completely sideways and it was leaning on the roof. And their bedroom is right in the corner over there. And so we were kind of worried that something had happened to them or to their property,” said Kahaluu resident Randy Borges.

Thankfully, his neighbors weren’t harmed. But Borges says the outcome could have been different.

“If the tree was planted another three feet to the left or three feet to the right, it wouldn’t have hit the pillar, the cement pillar,” said Borges. “So if it had been planted left or right farther, it would’ve fallen down much farther and could’ve caused damaged to their home.”

Residents in Wahiawa and Kahaluu say the Honolulu Fire Department quickly responded to help clear out the debris.

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