Keep your blankets handy, more record-breaking temperatures ahead

Bright sun and clear skies usually mean another warm day in paradise, but nowadays, Mother Nature can fool you.

Hawaii’s chilly weather is setting records across the state. It might not be as frigid as the mainland, but for local residents, it’s been downright cold.

Resident Kathleen Smith described the weather as “cold and wet and windy.” The rain and winds that barreled through the state Friday are now being followed by chilly temperatures.

Some people have been trying to warm up at Tanaka Saimin.

Manager Kapiolani Dias said business has been “really busy. When the weather changes and it rains, we always say it’s saimin weather and we know they’re coming.”

So how cold has it been in Hawaii? According to the National Weather Service, Honolulu, Lihue, Kahului and Hilo plunged into the 50s Sunday, either tying or breaking previous records.

Then on Monday, Honolulu and Lihue dipped to 57 degrees. Honolulu beat an old record and Lihue tied a previous one.

“It’s been cold because we’ve had this dry air mass over us and we just haven’t had a lot of winds,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Matthew Foster.

The lack of moisture in the air means the temperature has been able to drop faster.

At City Mill in Kaimuki, a shelf that’s normally filled with space heaters sits empty, while there are a lot of fans and air conditioners in stock.

“We are sold out. We had it on an ad on the 24th of December and by the weekend, we were gone,” said assistant manager Lei Gunderson.

A lack of space heaters didn’t seem to be a problem for people KHON2 spoke to. Many had their own way of keeping warm.

“Three blankets, two jackets and thermal pants and socks,” Smith said.

“Under the blankets, heavy clothing, jacket when I go out,” said resident Gloria Nahinu.

Experts say more dry and cold conditions are expected over the next couple of days, which could break more records this week.

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