Thief breaks into women’s prison in Kailua

You’ve heard of inmates breaking out of prison, but thieves actually broke into the women’s prison in Windward Oahu and it’s not the first time.

“It’s unusual to hear someone breaking into a prison instead of trying to break out,” said Department of Public Safety spokesperson Toni Schwartz.

Yes, you heard right. Someone actually broke into a prison rather than out.

“They must have been pretty desperate,” said Paul Barrett who lives nearby.

He woke up this morning to find police right outside his window.

“I heard voices and it was all the policemen and the crews were talking about what had happened,” Barrett said.

“At approximately 10:30 a.m., staff were doing their rounds and noticed a cut in the chain link fence on the residential side of the property,” Schwartz said.

Soon after noticing the hole in the fence they noticed that a nearby maintenance shed on prison property had been broken into as well.

“Some items were stolen from the shed and the police will look into it to see who did it and what happened,” Schwartz said.

The Department of Public Safety says there has been at least one other break in at the women’s prison.

In this most recent case, they say the public was never in danger from inmates.

“At no time was the public at risk because that area is an area inmates typically don’t use,” Schwartz said.

As for Barrett he said he feels safe, but does still wonder why someone would break into a place most want to get out of.

“What are you going to do?” Barrett asked. “People are desperate and they’re going to do what they’ve got to do so if it means break into a prison, there you go.”

The hole in the fence has been fixed.

The Department of Public Safety says HPD is investigating.

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