TSA increases security

As if taking off your shoes and taking out your laptop wasn’t enough.
Now you may have to do even more the next time you fly.

The TSA is expanding random security checks of passengers after new threats from terror groups calling for attacks at airports or in airplanes.

So once you’ve made it through airport security, you could have an additional bag search, patdown and a hand swab to check for for traces of explosives.

“One part is the potential threat to airplanes, the other part is the threat to passengers who are queuing up in a security line and someone is trying to bring a bomb and blow people up in the security lines” terrorism analyst Paul Cruikshank said.

The new measures come after the TSA upped security measures for international travelers this past summer.

This includes asking people to turn on electronic devices to prove they’re not hiding explosives.

Travelers KHON2 spoke with said they don’t mind the extra measures.

“I think safety is most important. if theres a threat and they need to increase security I think it’s a good idea,” said one traveler.

These new security measures could just be the beginning.

The head of Homeland Security has directed the TSA to conduct a review on whether more enhanced screening is needed at U.S. and foreign airports.

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