Two new fires ignite near lava flow

Photo: County of Hawaii

On the Big Island, the leading edge of the lava from from Kilauea remains stalled but active breakouts near the flow front ignited two new brushfires Thursday morning.

The larger of the two fires has already consumed about 200 acres above the Ainaloa subdivision.

Fire crews armed with water dropping hlicopters and bulldozers battled hot spots into the evening.

It started about a third of a mile above Highway 130 and just below a firebreak established after another brushfire back in September.

“There are approximately 8 to 10 residences and businesses in that area and not of them are being threatened by the fire the fire is actually bringing parallel to the highway behind those properties not a dancing court those properties but running but running parallel to the back boundaries of those residences,” said Civil Defense Administrator Darryl Oliveira.

Oliveira says a private contractor is cutting a new fire break between the fire and the nearest homes.

The second fire is burning further upslope, and has consumed about 150 acres mauka of the Niaulani subdivision.

Right now neither fire is posing any immediate threat to any homes.

Olivera says the threat of more fires is strong because the vegetation is dry.

He says there doesn’t appear to be any significant rainfall in the coming days.

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