Voggy weather bothers some people, but not Sony Open golfers

Itchy eyes, and sore throats. Oh yes, blame it on the vog or volcanic fog.

The question is when is it going away?

This is what we’ve been seeing for several days now because of the lack of trade winds.

Most of the haze is from the volcano on the Big Island but it’s also pollutants from our cars.

“I hear people complaining about hard time breathing because of the vog but for me once in a while it affects me,” said resident Aaron Chang. “It feels kinda muggy, hot, the heat sitting down on you can feel it when you’re exercising,” said resident Chad Council. “It makes me miss the cold weather we had a few days ago.”

While the vog is a nuisance for many of us who live here.

Some visitors to the islands love it.

“Oh it feels like a nice warm quilt as as soon as you get out of the airport it feels like a nice warm quilt,” said Rick Howard visitor from Canada.

And you can’t beat the sunrises and sunsets that come along with the vog.

Orange, red, fiery skies. The kind you only see when that haze comes around.

“As bad as the vog may get you’re still living Hawaii weather so you can’t beat this. This is awesome.”

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