Family reunited with lost photos, videos

An Oahu couple found a lost memory card full of family videos and photos.

They turned to KHON2 for help to find its rightful owners. You may be surprised at how quick we were able to find them.

Clayton and Ronlynn Arakaki found the memory card last year at Kailua beach park.

They put it aside, not thinking much about it, until about a month ago.

They slipped the card into the computer, and found videos and photos of a baby and a family.

“We have children. We have five children and for sure those are precious moments. I mean we couldn’t replicate that ever again. If we could give it back to them I think they’d be very happy,” said Clayton Arakaki.

KHON2 aired a short preview of this story after the 6 p.m news on Wednesday.

In less than an hour, the owner of the memory card reached out to us.

Karen Hamada says she didn’t see the short clip on our news but her family and friends did, and they called her.

Turns out, the images are of Karen and her two year old son, Chase.

“Thank you so much. We can not express how happy we are to get this back from you folks and Chase is our only child so even more so. He was a blessing for us. This is even more of a blessing for us so thank you so much.”

Karen says she plans to reach out to the couple who found her memory card.


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