HART may adjust schedule to avoid noisy overnight work

A day after KHON2 reported complaints about loud rail work being done overnight, HART officials are thinking about changing their work schedule.

For Dustin Elisara and his family, it was another sleepless night. Elisara showed us video taken at 1 a.m. from his lanai fronting Kamehameha Highway, about a block away from Pearlridge Center.

“It was just on the news, we just reported it, and here they are again making loud noise,” he said.

It is similar to the work crews did the night before. Elisara sent us that video via Report It.

“The contractor saw the video and the news last night and so they called us and were being proactive,” said James Toma, state noise section supervisor.

After our story aired on Wednesday, HART sent staff members out to monitor the overnight saw-cutting work that the contractor is doing for rail. HART did not find anything wrong with what workers did.

The noise variance that HART has does include the type of overnight work they’ve been doing right next to Pearlridge Terraces.

A noise variance allows certain types of jobs, usually quieter ones, to be done during odd hours of the day. It does not restrict the level of noise.

“But saw-cutting sounds like it’s a loud job. Should it be constrained or restricted to earlier in the evening?” KHON2 asked.

“Yes, it depends on what they’re cutting, too,” Toma said.

Crews are cutting into cement on the highway. HART officials say they’re doing this type of job at night, because it requires multiple lane closures, which would cause too much congestion during the day.

Even though the noise variance allows for this type of job, a HART spokesperson said work in the area might be adjusted.

“Hopefully when they do make the adjustments, that takes care of the complaints, but if not, then we can always follow through,” Toma said.

“I want to see the rail go up, but them being considerate of people living real close by,” Elisara said.

The state says so far, it has not received any noise complaints about the overnight work in Aiea. But if it does, it can force the contractor to do the saw-cutting earlier in the evening if things don’t change.

If you have any concerns or complaints about rail work, you can call the HART hotline at 566-2299 or the state at 586-4700.

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