Keeping track of your pet through new technologies

If you dog is stolen or runs off, what can you do beforehand to get them back? Dr. Richard Fujie of the King Street Pet Hospital shares with us in our Love Your Pet segment the best ways to find your dog if they ever run away or get lost. He says a collar and ID tag is still the best choice, but he also talks about the pros and cons of microchips and GPS tracking collars.

The new high tech gadget that is growing in popularity, is a tracking collar. The device is a GPS that attaches to the dog’s collar, and you can use your mobile device or computer to see where your dog or pet is on a map, and to receive location updates.

However, if your dog is ever stolen, a microchip is the best way to be able to prove ownership. The microchips are injected into the back of the neck, and when the animal is scanned it is easy to track the animal back to the owner.

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