Fans react to UH basketball allegations

“I have season tickets to every sport that we need a ticket for,” said UH basketball fan Bobbie Brodhead.

Season ticket holders are known for their loyalty to the sport. And that appears to be the case with the Warrior basketball team, despite the recent notice of allegations.

Some fans we spoke to say they’re not surprised by the notice of violations, but they are disappointed, since it’s been a winning season so far.

“I think it’s something that we all anticipated because the two coaches were fired and one of the players resigned. So we kind of knew that regulations was broken,” said UH basketball fan Kaipo Spencer.

“The penalties are specific, I think in the regulations by the NCAA. Hope it doesn’t come down to post season play because it’d be great for the kids and the fans that UH goes to the post season,” said UH basketball fan Eugene Savio.

With the recent success of the Warriors, comes an increase in fans.

“It started to get bigger because after Gib and them, they figured the boys were not gonna be good and all that, but Benji has picked it up. And they’re getting a good crowd,” said Brodhead.

While the future of the Warriors is still up in the air, fans hope it won’t impact their play on the court.

“I just think this team has played really well since those things happened and I think the coach is doing an excellent job,” said Spencer.

“I just hope that Benji can continue this year and not have any [repercussions] this year because the team is going so well. The way they’re playing, they’re headed for the conference playoffs,” said Brodhead.

According to the NCAA, UH and the individuals who are named in the allegations have up to 90 days to respond. Then the NCAA Enforcement Staff has up to 60 days to reply. UH says it expects a hearing before the Committee on Infractions within the next six months.

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