Kona’s Unger ready for legacy game in Super Bowl XLIX

Max Unger

The topic of legacy in the sports world doesn’t pendulum with any once single event quite like the Super Bowl.

The biggest legacy game in all the land will prove to be such for Kona boy, Hawai’i Prep alum and Seahawks Pro Bowl center Max Unger this Sunday.

The six year NFL veteran, with a first-team All-Pro honor, to go with two Pro Bowls and last year’s Super Bowl title, doesn’t have many fancy stats to back up his play. Centers don’t throw passes to rush for touchdowns.

Perhaps what makes Unger’s play stand out to the casual fan, is what the Seahawks offense is without him. This year, Max missed 10 games with ankle injuries during the regular season. In that span, the Seahawks scored almost a touchdown a game less, and saw their rushing totals drop by 25%.

This week, Unger sat down with former University of Hawai’i assistant coach Jeff Reinebold to discuss his place among the 50th state’s most prolific position.

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