Michigan man’s grueling commute by foot ends with new car

(WDIV/CNN) — The Michigan man who gained nationwide fame for his grueling commute to work now has a new story to tell — one about the compassion of strangers.

James Robertson spent years taking the bus then walking 21 miles a day to get to and from his manufacturing job.

That ended Friday as he entered a car dealership without knowing the 2015 Taurus belongs to him.

“He pretty much started crying in the car and I was like, James, you can’t do that, you’ll make me cry, too,” said dealer David Fischer Jr.

The 21-miles a day on foot began 10 years ago when his old car broke down. Still, Robertson never missed a day of work.

The Taurus donation is on top of $311,000 given to Robertson through GoFundMe.

Wayne State student Evan Levy started it. “James asked for advice with handling the money and putting it in a trust fund, and that’s in the works for next week.”

Robertson was given a great gift in return — a story of resilience and dependability to lift us all. “Anybody who has been on a roller coaster knows it goes up and down. It’s been mostly up, up, up, up, up, up,” he said with a laugh.

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