Lane closures, bus detours catch travelers by surprise

Several road projects are in full swing in Pearl City.

That includes the closure of an eastbound left-turn lane from Kamehameha Highway onto Acacia Road in front of Pearl Highlands Center. Two westbound lanes are also closed in the area.

Because of this and other projects, some westbound buses are now detoured, and the change has caught many riders by surprise.

“I thought the bus was going to go all the way straight until they said I have to get off,” said bus rider Raeline Desa.

Buses on Kamehameha Highway now turn right onto Kaahumanu Street to ease traffic, and a shuttle will continue to take riders along the main highway. But that means passengers now have to get off their regular bus and wait for the shuttle.

“It’ll be a hassle to get off here and catch the shuttle, but I think whatever the bus is planning should be better for the customers, the bus riders,” said bus rider Joseph Bynum.

Someone from the bus company has been at the stop to inform riders of the changes.

The detour is from 2-7 p.m. on weekdays and is scheduled for the next six months.

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