Nine flights to and from the islands experience weather-related complications

A scary Valentine’s Day for some passengers aboard flights to and from the islands as nine passenger aircrafts experienced weather-related complications.

Many of those flights had to divert course because of the weather, but fortunately, most landed without incident, except one.

According to the Department of Transportation, United Airlines flight #15 experienced some sudden turbulence on Saturday afternoon, sending multiple passengers to the hospital, including four female crew members and a teenage girl who suffered a head injury and nausea.

Two other crew members, who were also injured, chose not to go to the hospital.

The flight was on its way to Honolulu Airport from Newark, New Jersey. The plane successfully landed on Oahu at about 4 p.m.

Passengers on another United Airlines flight traveling from Honolulu International Airport to Los Angeles (LAX) had quite a scare after their plane was diverted back to Oahu due to a burning smell.

According to United Airlines, flight #1716 had 207 passengers aboard with 7 crew members.

United says the flight landed safely back in Honolulu without injuries, and a maintenance crew is currently reviewing the aircraft.

At first, according to the Department of Transportation, the flight was to be diverted to Kahului, Maui, but due to bad weather and poor visibility, the aircraft headed to Honolulu instead.

The company is working to accommodate customers by putting the affected passengers on an alternate flight to Los Angeles.

No word on what caused the odor.

Seven other flights bound for Maui were also diverted—six to Honolulu, one to Kona.

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