A new technology that will allow kids to engage in intelligent conversation with their toys

A new Kickstarter campaign uses a patent pending technology that allows kids to directly engage in intelligent conversation with their toys. The technology allows toys to listen, speak and simultaneously evolve, learn and grow with your child; bringing a new element of personalized, educational play to children. KHON2’s digital director Jared Kuroiwa talked to Wake Up 2day about the genius of the toy, but also brings up concerns on how parents can monitor this toy.


He says it builds on technology created by IBM’s Watson, a cognitive computing system that beat the world’s best Jeopardy players. Since that time, the system has been used in health care, banking, and even cooking. This new Kickstarter in being developed with Elemental Path to create toys powered by Watson.


CogniToys integrates Watson’s cognitive computing tools to provide speech recognition and natural language processing, personalization, insights into kids’ learning, and more. In just a day or two, the company has already just about doubled its $50,000 goal.


The genius of the toy is that it it can learn from the interactions with the child, and it’s looking at integrating the technology into other toys. Therefore the toy(s) actually get to “know” the child and how to interact.


However, people have already expressed fears about how the toys are monitored by the parents. While the developers are creating management tools, creating a safe environment for the child and the toy becomes an interesting dilemma. More on the Kickstarter campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/522717158/cognitoys-internet-connected-smart-toys-that-learn.

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