New Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle unveiled


Toyota Mirai

Toyota Hawaii unveiled a first look at a pre-production version of the all-new Toyota Mirai Tuesday.

Mirai means “future” in Japanese. The Toyota Mirai is an electric drive, mid-size four-door sedan powered by hydrogen.

It has a reported range of up to 300 miles, refuel time of about five minutes and emissions of only water vapor.

Fuel cell vehicles convert hydrogen, stored in secure tanks in the vehicle, to produce electricity to power the wheels. Since the process produces no emissions except water, about a gallon for every pound of hydrogen, they are true “zero emissions” vehicles.

“Hydrogen vehicles are ideal for Hawaii because we can generate hydrogen locally here. We have sun, solar, wind and geothermal energy that can be used to produce hydrogen here in Hawaii, and that would mean less dependency on imported oil for Hawaii,” said Glenn Inouye, senior vice president of Servco Pacific.

The Mirai will be available for public view Friday through Sunday, March 13-15, at the First Hawaiian International Auto Show at the Hawaii Convention Center.

Hawaii will be the second state in the United States, following California, to offer limited numbers of the futuristic-looking vehicle for public use.

A limited number of vehicles will be available for sale at select Toyota Hawaii dealerships in mid to late 2016.

Toyota Mirai
Toyota Mirai

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