Bakery sees business boom on ‘Pi Day’

If you like pie, the sweet kind or the mathematical, Saturday was your kind of day.

March 14, or in other words, “3-14,” is Pi Day, which “pi” being defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, which works out to 3.1415 and so on.

But believe it or not, bakeries saw a pick-up in pie purchases and orders on Saturday.

At Hawaiian Pie Company in Kalihi, which just opened in December, this proved to be its kind of day.

“Today’s been very very busy, I can’t even tell you how many pies we made. We’ve been up since 5:30 baking and the ovens have not stopped since,” said Joel Hori, owner of the Hawaiian Pie Company.

Hori says he also decided to bring back a pie that proved popular in February, strawberry-guava.

The business will have it available on Saturday and maybe for the next week he says.

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