Lawsuit claims some top-selling wines contain high levels of arsenic

Some of the nation’s top-selling wines are now at the center of class-action lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims the wines contain potentially dangerous levels of arsenic and the winemakers are not telling consumers about the potential dangers.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs say they tested more than 1,300 bottles of wine in three different labs and nearly a quarter of those tested showed higher arsenic levels.

Some of the wines include Franzia, Menage a Trois, Cupcake and Sutter Home.

“We want and are asking these wine makers to take these wines off of the shelves today,” said attorney Brian Kabateck, “because consumers may be buying cheap wine, wines that cost less than five dollars a bottle, but they may be paying with their health.”

The Wine Institute, a trade association representing California wineries, said it believes the information in the lawsuit is misleading.

Click here for a full list of wines considered by BeverageGrades to contain arsenic levels in excess of 10 parts per billion.

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