(Found) Hawaii’s Most Wanted: Kaiwi Recarte

A man who was wanted on two warrants for violating his probation has been located.

Kaiwi Recarte was in already in custody on a separate offense when warrants totaling $22,000 for violating his probation were issued.

“On August 8, 2012, the complainant left her residence on Mapele Road and returned to find it had been broken into and items missing. She reviewed surveillance video and took it to the police station, where Recarte was identified,” said Crimestoppers Sgt. Kim Buffett.

Recarte was located and arrested for burglary.

Then a month later, he was arrested again for attempting the same crime.

“An officer was checking the area of Hui Kelu Street and found a man riding a moped and appeared to be casing the area,” said Buffett. “The officer checked the area and found the moped parked. He watched the moped a little while and observed the male exiting the home carrying several bags.”

Police approached him, and Recarte dropped the bag and ran.

They caught up to him and placed him under arrest. He then fled again, and ran inside a home.

“When placed under arrest, the male fled, other units were called to the area,” said Buffett. “The male was seen running into another victim’s home and asked the victim to call police, which he did.”

Officers located him and arrested him again.

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