Idol Chatter: Recapping top 11 idols

Tonight, we’ll find out who moves on in American Idol. It’s down to 11, with another round of performances and eliminations.

Every Wednesday through the finals of American Idol, Jordan Segundo will join us for Idol Chatter. Jordan was Hawaii’s first American Idol finalist and he shares the benefit of his experience on that stage with our Wake Up 2day viewers when he presents opinions, recaps, and commentaries on the latest American Idol crop.

Qaasim Middleton received the lowest number of votes last week, but managed to earn the only save of the season with his energetic performance of the Beatles’ song Come Together.  Middleton does have his work cut out for him. In order for him to remain in the competition, he’ll need to improve on his vocal ability and bring it to the same level as his performance quality.

Also failing to make an impression last week was 15-year-old Daniel Seavey. He’s got a big likeability factor, but his inexperience is starting to show in his performances. Tonight, the remaining finalists will take on songs from the 80’s.

Joining the contestants will be 80’s icon Boy George, who will mentor the contestants as well as perform his legendary hit Karma Chameleon.

In other Idol news: Tax season is upon us, so Jordan shared the Forbes list of the top four grossing Idol winners of 2014.

Topping the list for a second year in a row: Carrie Underwood. She earned $10 million last year, all because of a successful tour, music sales, and her role in the network television special of The Sound of Music.

Kelly Clarkson came in second, and Phillip Phillips third. The surprise was the fourth spot, season five winner Taylor Hicks. Thanks to tour dates, a long-term residency performing in Las Vegas, and owning a restaurant in Alabama, Hicks earned a hefty $3.5 million last year.

American Idol is on at 7 p.m. tonight on KHON2.



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