Google Maps lets you play Pac-Man where you live


Google is well known for their April Fools’ Day pranks, and this one may be the best one yet. At least in terms of wasting your time at the office.

pacman2If you open up Google Maps today, you’ll notice in a little icon that looks like Pac-Man in the lower left corner next to the Google Earth option.

Click the icon and your Google Map will become the game board, complete with dots, power pellets, fruit, and ghosts.

Sadly, you can’t turn everywhere into a game of Pac-Man. If there aren’t enough roads, the game won’t start.

If you’re on your smartphone or tablet, open the Google Maps app. Search for a place you think Pac-Man might be and when you find a good location touch the Pac-Man button.

Google will have more of these as the world greets April 1, 2015. Until then, you can start playing near your home. Just watch out for ghosts!

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