How to become a foster parent for pets

Would you like to help an animal in need? There are many animals at The Oahu SPCA that would really benefit from being in a foster home.


Kegan Clausen, Shelter Director for The Oahu SPCA, explains, “Animals at the Oahu SPCA have typically been involved in some sort of stressful situation. Whether it be living on the streets or abandoned by their owner, they need extra love and care. Fostering these animals gives them hope and can greatly improve their transition into a forever home. We often receive animals that are injured or emotionally scarred, these animals in particular benefit most from a foster parent. In the comfort of a foster home they can begin the rehabilitation process and bounce back from whatever it is they’ve been through. Fostering also helps our shelter by freeing up much needed kennel space when we reach our maximum capacity.”


Today, Clausen Kegan brought Chloe, a small terrier mix who sufferers from hip dysplasia. She is about 15 pounds and approximately six years old. “She’s a sweet older girl who loves to curl up on the couch and watch TV with you. She’s been at the shelter for almost six months and would greatly benefit from being away from shelter life,” he describes. Chloe is one of many animals ready to go home with someone today!


He says whether it’s just a few weeks for even a few months, that time away from the shelter can really help their overall quality of life. There is no set time limit to being a foster parent.

Fostering through the Oahu SPCA is quite simple. You just need to visit the shelter Tuesday through Sunday and see who might be a good fit in your home. Once you’ve chosen a foster candidate an application is filled out and you can take your new furry foster child home with you.


From there, staff typically try and get these animals out into the community at adoption events to try and find them a forever home. Weekly or monthly checkups are done at the shelter to insure everyone is meshing well. If there ever comes a time when you can no longer foster, simply bring the animal back to the shelter where they can continue to provide love and care.

You can call or go by any day Tuesday through Sunday to set up a meet and greet with the animals. The shelter is located at 91-153 Hanua St. in Kapolei, and its phone number is 808-754-1519. You can also The Oahu SPCA Facebook page for pictures and updates.

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