Scheduled ant control to close Haleakala campground

Haleakala National Park

Holua campground and cabin located in the Summit District of Haleakala National Park will be closed April 9-10 for ant control.

Biologists will be conducting work to control invasive Argentine ants, a problem park officials say they’ve been dealing with for decades.

Argentine ants are considered an aggressive predator that can impact native species.

Infestations are present around visitors centers, up at the summit, and picnic and campgrounds in the front country.

Park officials are working to reduce their spread into the crater.

“They get picked up by people who stay in the campgrounds or picnic there, get in their backpacks or shoes, and then they transport those ants into areas that are not infested,” explained Natalie Gates, Haleakala National Park superintendent.

Crews will use an over-the-counter low-toxicity product with the active ingredient hydramethylnon in granular form, which is biodegradable and has no impact on the area’s native bees, Gates said.

These control measures are done about two to four times a year.

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