Homeless Maui man rescued after falling off cliff

Photo: MPD

Maui police report that a 31-year-old homeless man fell 200 feet down a cliff near Kauiki Hill in Hana.

Police, fire and emergency medical personnel responded to the call at 4:52 p.m. Thursday, April 2.

The person who called in the accident, a 48-year-old man from Hana, was with the victim and provided vague directions to their actual location. While working with dispatch and the caller, fire personnel were able to hike over Kauiki Hill into a homeless camp where they located the victim, who was suffering from an open head wound and what was described as being in an “altered mental status.”

The victim was initially very combative and refused all help. After Maui Police patrol personnel from Hana were flown into the campsite, the victim eventually agreed to be airlifted out of the campsite to Hana Ball Field.

He was treated by awaiting medics from Hana, transported to a medevac and flown to Maui Memorial Medical Center. He suffered no life-threatening injuries.

Maui fire personnel had to fly back to the homeless camp to pick up the police at the homeless camp.

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