Lunar eclipse set for this evening

This Friday night/Saturday morning there will be a total lunar eclipse (blood moon) that can be viewed from Hawaii, weather permitting. Michael Richards, founder of Science Camps of America, explained more about what that is, and told us that it lasts from Friday, April 3 at 11:01 p.m. (Hawaii time) to Saturday, April 4 at 4:59 a.m. The full eclipse will occur for about five minutes, peaking at 2 a.m. on Saturday.

Both lunar and solar eclipses can only occur when the moon, Earth and sun are in a straight line, called syzygy. A lunar eclipse is when the moon falls in the Earth’s shadow. A slar eclipse is when the moon falls between the Earth and sun.

Total lunar eclipses, also called Blood Moon for its red glow, are rare. This total lunar eclipse is the third in a series called lunar tetrad, a total of four lunar eclipses occurring in succession every 6 months.

Science Camps of America is a local nonprofit that will kick off its third year of summer camp on Hawaii Island in June, offering teens entering grades eight to twelve a chance to explore science outdoors. To find out more, got to

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