Woman fined for fake reporting in Waipahu fatal neglect case

Jennifer Polintan

A woman who misrepresented that she provided care to 88-year-old Nona Mosman in a fatal neglect case has paid a $10,000 fine.

Lolita Schimmel signed logs relied upon by the case management and oversight agencies responsible for licensing and certification for her niece’s Community Care Family Foster Home in Waipahu. By signing the logs, Schimmel represented to officials that she served as a caregiver for Mosman during extended absences by the primary caregiver and foster home owner Jennifer Polintan.

Mosman eventually died due to substandard care.

Polintan and her father Francisco were convicted in connection with Mosman’s death. Although Schimmel was not involved with Mosman’s care, she signed attendance logs to further Polintan’s ability to remain in good standing with the oversight agencies.

Schimmel cooperated and assisted with the investigation and prosecution of both Polintans.

Jennifer Polintan is serving a one-year prison sentence for manslaughter. Her father, Francisco, was prosecuted by the Department of the Attorney General and convicted by a jury for endangering Mosman. His sentencing is scheduled for April 15.

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