State lawmakers discuss purchasing Alii Place to consolidate office spaces

Should the state pay $90 million now for an existing building or an eventual $270 million to construct its own?

House Bill 1366 would allow the state to purchase the 25-story downtown building Alii Place, which houses the City Prosecutor’s office.

The state is in discussion with a San Francisco company to buy it for $90 million.

Last year, the Legislature allocated $15 million for the design and planning of the Liliha Civic Center in the Iwilei area, which lawmakers say would cost the state $270 million.

“Currently the state pays $10 million in lease rent all in the downtown urban core, and the departments are spread through this whole area, with that, what the state wanted to do, what the legislature was looking at doing is to consolidate everybody,” said Rep. Mark Hashem, D-Hahaione, Kuliouou, Niu Valley, Aina Haina, Waialae, Kahala, the bill’s co-author.

A public hearing on the bill to allow the purchase of Alii Place will be held Monday before the Senate Ways and Means committee at 1:30 p.m.

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