Work schedule for Kapiolani Blvd. water project: April 6-10

The Board of Water Supply’s contractor for the project on Kapiolani Boulevard will be continuing their work to install necessary manholes needed to upgrade the water system servicing the area.

Work is scheduled to take place on Kapiolani Boulevard at the Hoawa Street intersection. Motorists are advised to expect the following traffic modifications between 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday:

  • The closure of the far left and center Diamond Head-bound lanes of Kapiolani Boulevard between Paani Street and Hoawa Street;
  • There will be no left turn onto Hoawa Street from the Diamond Head-bound direction of Kapiolani Boulevard; and
  • There will be no left turn onto Kapiolani Boulevard from Hoawa Street.

The indicated lane closures may be modified based on project needs.

The contractor is replacing approximately 2,800 feet of 12-inch water main installed in 1938 and approximately 1,000 feet of 8-inch water main installed in 1953.

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