Kauai Museum opens crates of artifacts from King Kamehameha II

A treasure trove of artifacts from a sunken royal yacht is giving officials at the Kauai Museum a big time thrill.

Everything from gold, silver, jewels, poi pounders and much more was recovered from a ship owned by King Kamehameha II.

The royal ship Ha’aheo O Hawaii went down off the coast of Kauai 191 years ago.

The ship and all the priceless artifacts were discovered buried in sand in 1999.

Now, after all these years, nine large crates are finally being unpacked.

“It is exciting because you don’t know what you’re going to find in the box,” said Chucky Boy Chock of Kauai Museum. “And so we have to figure out what’s in there. We we saw a couple pieces that were shiny. Are they diamonds? Is that glass? We’re not sure.”

So far the Kauai Museum has only gone through one-and-a-half of the nine crates.

The artifacts should be ready for public display in about a month.

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