‘Bows WR Vasquez Haynes ‘feels like a kid again’ in pass happy offense

Vasquez Haynes

The University of Hawaii football team continued spring training camp Thursday morning in Manoa.

Two seasons ago, wide receiver Vasquez Haynes created a buzz for the ‘Bows, hauling in 29 catches for 354 yards and three touchdowns.

However, the Memphis native missed all of 2014 recovering from shoulder surgery.

Now, Haynes says, he’s perfectly healthy and is eager to take advantage of offensive coordinator Don Bailey’s pass-happy offense.

“The main thing off-season was getting prepared to run around a lot this year. We’re used to having a fast offense but we’re taking it up another notch with this new offensive coordinator so we love it,” he said. “All the receivers we love it, we’re excited, we can’t wait. We’re anxious to get on the field so we can catch balls. We’re competing with each other at practice on who can catch the most balls and not drop balls and stuff so it’s fun, a lot of excitement. It’s a fun environment. I feel like a little kid back in high school days, just running around with my group of guys. It’s just a great feeling right now.”

The ‘Bows have Friday off and return to practice Saturday morning.

The Spring Fling Warrior Bowl is 15 days away.

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