Google lets you export all of your search history

Do you know that Google saves everything you searched for? Searches for sites and images, on your computer and on your phone.

This “feature” is on whenever you’re logged into a Google service, which for most GMail users is whenever you’re online.

Google uses this information to not only personlize your ads, it’s also used to customize your search results. Yes, if you search for something and your friend searches for the same thing, you may have different results depending on your activity.

Quitely last January, Google created a tool to download to download all of this history. However, most didn’t know about it until an unofficial Google Operating System blog posted about the feature this past weekend.

The downloadable files are in JSON, a computer readable format.

What’s the point of looking? It gives Google more transparency so you can see what data they have on you, and you can edit the information collected or even delete it all.

And yes, there is an option to turn off the “save search history” in your Google Account History setting.

For more information on how to download your entire search history on Google, click here.


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