Mariota talks sandwiches, schedule ahead of NFL draft

Marcus Mariota

He may have a Heisman Trophy, but on Wednesday, Marcus Mariota stood before an entirely different “statue.”

This one was made in his likeness using Subway sandwich ingredients: flatbread, avocado, bell peppers.

The Saint Louis graduate was introduced as the newest spokesperson for Subway at the franchise’s Waikiki location on Lewers Street.

The touchdown artist assumed the role of sandwich artist, making lunch for a pair of Punahou students and his grandmother.

“This is pretty surreal. It’s fun to come down here and make sandwiches and kind of see it full circle for sure,” he told KHON2.

This is the second sponsorship for Mariota, whose first Nike ad was revealed two days ago.

The former Oregon All-American says he’s enjoying his time leading up to the highly anticipated NFL draft, now eight days away.

“I’ve had the opportunity to go to so many different places across the country that I haven’t been to before,” he said. “I get to meet so many great people within the NFL and I get to do things like this. How many 21-year-olds can say they’re able to do this? It’s all so cool and I’m very fortunate to be here today.”

Mariota says he wanted to be in Hawaii for the draft because it’s “an opportunity to give back to the culture of Hawaii, but also just to kind of share this moment with people that really got me here, that have sacrificed and put so much hard work into this. It’s going to be special next week and we’re going to really enjoy it.”

As for all the negativity that came with his fame, the 21-year-old keeps a cool head.

“I think if you get too caught up in that, then you get focused on the wrong things. I’m just really ready to get back into football,” he said. “Whatever team decides to pick me, I’m just excited to get back into working out with the guys, getting to know my teammates and being a part of an organization.”

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