Idol Chatter with Jordan Segundo

Every Wednesday through the finals of American Idol, Jordan Segundo will join us for Idol Chatter. Jordan was Hawaii’s first American Idol finalist and he shares the benefit of his experience on that stage, with our Wake Up 2day viewers when he presents opinions, recaps, and commentaries on the latest American Idol crop.


We are weeks away from crowning a new American Idol and, for the Top 5, the pressure is on. Last week on the show we said good-bye to Quintin Alexander and Rayvon Owen once again escaped elimination thanks to the Idol fan save.

But now that the fan save is no longer in play, will Owen’s luck run out?  We’ll find out tonight.

During last week’s stadium anthem theme, the night started out a bit rough for most of the contestants, but Jax was ultimately able to knock it out of the park on her second song.

Her simple, yet effective performance of Dido’s White Flag was the perfect song that highlighted all of the unique qualities in her voice. It also demonstrated the growth she’s had as a performer throughout the competition, says Jordan

“Another finalist making improvements is Nick Fradiani. He’s finally stepping into his own, and he looks much more comfortable on stage and is delivering more polished and enjoyable performances.  Still, his challenge is going to be finding a way to mix things up while maintaining his confidence and level of comfort,” Jordan adds.

Tonight, the theme for the Top 5 is a pretty broad one.  They will first perform songs that define them as individuals, and then songs that define the judge’s hometowns.  So in honor of tonight’s theme, lets take a quick look at where the three judges come from.

“For Clark Beckham who is considered the front-runner, he still has room for improvement.  Both of his songs last week lacked the energy and appeal of a great performance and did not propel him forward in the competition at all.  So this week he’ll definitely need a stand out performance if he wants to remain the one to beat. Jennifer Lopez hails from the Bronx, New York where she began her career as a dancer. She got her big break in the early 90’s dancing as a Fly Girl on Fox’s comedy show In Living Color,” Jordan recaps.

Country singer, Keith Urban was actually born in New Zealand but raised in Australia.  He now calls Nashville, Tennessee his home, where he’s helped rewrite the rules for country music.

Last but not least is jazz and blues singer Harry Connick Jr. who is from New Orleans, Louisiana, where by age nine had already recorded a few albums and joined the musician’s union.

Jordan concludes, “It will be very interesting to hear what songs the contestants decide to sing.   At this stage in the competition, song selection is crucial to having a performance that is memorable for all the right reasons.”

His prediction for the contestant with the lowest votes: Rayvon Owen.

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