Action Line Law Week: Property law

Action Line’s Law Week is coming to an end. During Law Week between April 27 and May 1, the Young Lawyers’ Division of the Hawaii State bar Association sponsors the Action Line program. Throughout the week, you have been able to call Action Line to receive free legal information from practicing Hawaii attorneys.


The Action Line topics are themed by day, and the week’s final topic today is property law.


This morning, Derek Kobayashi, previewed some of the common topics regarding property law.


Kobayashi says after inspection of the premises, landlords are not required to give tenants a second chance to correct conditions found unsatisfactory. He says that because of this, tenants should have everything in order prior to an inspection. However, you should communicate with your landlord and in the event that the inspection is prior to a termination, then it is within reason to ask for the ability to correct prior to the termination date.


Kobayashi also addressed rent control. He says that there is not a limit on how often a landlord can raise the rent. He informed us that the only obligation a landlord has is to give adequate notice of their intent to raise the rent. The timing of the notice depends on the type of tenancy, where a month-to-month tenancy requires 45 days notice.


He also addressed pets, and said that a landlord can charge an an additional fee or security deposit for an animal. Kobayashi says that a tenant may negotiate with the landlord to allow for a pet security in an amount not exceeding one month’s rent, but this pet security deposit does not apply to assistance animals.


Action Line’s Law Week leads up to Law Day on May 2. That’s when The Young Lawyers’ Division is sponsoring several legal clinics throughout Oahu, Hawaii Island, Kauai, and Maui. During these clinics, individuals can show up and ask for legal information from practicing Hawaii attorneys, similar to Action Lines. However, the Law Day clinics will not be tailored to specific areas of law.  Law Day clinics will bet set up at:



  • Don Quijote – Kaheka
  • Don Quiote – Pearl City
  • Don Quijote – Waipahu
  • Nanakuli Sack N Save
  • Windward Mall Shopping Center
  • Waianae Mall

Hawaii Island

  • KTA Superstore – Kona
  • Puainako Town Center – Hilo


  • Kukui Grove Mall


  • Maui Mall


Attorneys for both programs cannot provide legal advice, such as recommendations on what to do, but individuals will be provided legal information that includes referrals to resources or explanations of certain legal processes, such as court procedures. The number to call between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. is 591-0222.

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