Hokulea and crew sails in unfamiliar Tasman Sea waters, expects to reach Sydney in a week

Hokulea is sailing in unfamiliar waters Sunday evening, having entered the Tasman Sea for the first time.

She and her crew left Aotearoa, New Zealand, Wednesday, Hawaii time, on her way to Sydney, Australia.

The crew says she is making good time, but her navigator hasn’t been able to rely simply on the stars, as not many are out shining.

“Using the wind and the swells to guide us until we arrive safely to our destination in Australia, last night was the same way, similar weather, full clouds with pockets of some stars shining out, interestingly the stars that were coming out was Hokule’a so we’re using the star Hokulea to guide the waa Hokulea,” said navigator Kaleo Wong.

Hokulea should arrive in Sydney in about a week.

Meanwhile, her sister canoe Hikianalia is about 150 miles southwest of Tahiti, her first stop before returning home to Hawaii in June.

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