Bicyclists conduct safety inspection ride on freeway Sunday morning

File photo

You may notice something a little out of the ordinary on the H-1 and H-3 freeways this Sunday.

While it’s usually not allowed, some bicyclists will be riding on those freeways.

They’re going to be doing a safety inspection ride in preparation for the Hawaii Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation triathlon which may be held later this year with the bicycle portion held on the freeway.

The bicyclists will be accompanied by police escorts and will hit the H-1 starting around 6 a.m. It will take about two hours.

The riders will enter the H-1 Freeway at the Valkenburgh Street On-Ramp and head westbound. They will then take the Kaneohe/Honolulu Off-Ramp to the H-3 Freeway East (Exit 13B) and continue on the H-3, through the Harano Tunnels, and exit at the Kaneohe Bay Drive Off-Ramp (Exit 15). They will continue left onto Kaneohe Bay Drive and left again onto Mokapu Road to the US Marine Corps Base Hawaii. The bicyclists and escorts will use the right lanes at all possible times.

The safety inspection ride will check freeway lanes for pavement conditions or other factors which may affect race participants. The information gathered will be used to develop a detailed safety and traffic control plan, along with race timing schedules, as required for a road usage permit.

Police escort vehicles will be in front of and behind the bicyclists.

If you see them, move over if possible to give them some extra room.

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