Community groups come together to assist veterans in need

Homelessness still continues to be a major issue for U.S. veterans in 2015.

Community groups specifically tackling the problem were at the “Vet Aid 2015” event on Saturday.

The group, U.S. Vets, help 3,000 veterans per year find housing, and connects more than 1,000 veterans with full-time employment every year.

“I live in Salt Lake and I travel Nimitz a lot,” said Jeff Wenrich, a U.S. Military veteran. “I see the homeless. I try to drop off food for them. I feel for them.”

“U.S. Vets provides a variety of housing services to homeless veterans,” said Macy Sevaaetafi with U.S. Vets. “We have emergency programs, transitional housing programs and permanent housing programs.”

U.S. Vets has two locations on Oahu, Barbers Point and Waianae.

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