HPD resolves issues with 911 system, Kauai line fixed

Honolulu Police Department

The Honolulu Police Department’s 911 system is back up and running after technical issues.

Callers dialing 911 may not have been able to get through.

HPD said the problem started Thursday afternoon and Hawaiian Telcom is trying to find out what caused it.

The system routes calls for all emergency response, including the Honolulu Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services.

Officials asked the public to dial 911 for emergency calls only, and if the call could not connect, to dial 529-3111.

Non-emergency calls were directed to the nearest police station:

  • Chinatown: 808-723-3309
  • Wahiawa: 808-723-8742
  • Pearl City: 808-723-8800
  • Kaneohe: 808-723-8640
  • Kalihi: 808-723-8208
  • Waikiki: 808-723-8507
  • Kapolei: 808-723-8400

Meanwhile, on Kauai, the police dispatch non-emergency line also went down for several hours Thursday due to a telecommunication issue.

Officials said the line went down at 2 p.m. and was restored shortly after 6 p.m. During that period, people with non-emergency issues were asked to call the Kauai Mayor’s Office at 241-4900.

The problem did not affect the county’s 911 emergency line.

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