Mililani Mauka residents frustrated over influx of wild pigs

Feral pigs in Mililani Mauka

Wild pigs are becoming a problem in Mililani Mauka. They’re going into people’s yards and destroying property.

The normally quiet subdivision has been disturbed lately with the loud snorts of feral pigs, looking for something to eat.

“I’ve seen them at night, early in the morning, midday. Like right now, they might come walking through,” said resident Andrew Deal.

Residents sent us video and said the pigs are getting more accustomed to being around people, so it’s not unusual to find them out roaming on the street or even on their properties.

They say they’ve seen as many as 17 at one time, and are usually feeding on their plants.

“It was covered. The whole rock was covered with that plant, but now (there’s barely any) left,” said resident Miyo Deal.

A trail has been formed by wild pigs coming up from the gulch and straight into people’s yards.

Mililani Town Association’s general manager, Dave O’Neal, says they can do more than just damage your property.

“Within the last year in Mililani Pines, a boar actually attacked got trapped in a homeowner’s yard and gouged a man in his leg and had to go to the hospital so they can definitely be dangerous,” he said.

After KHON2 told him about the recent complaints, O’Neal called the Pig Hunters Association of Oahu.

“They might be after the pet’s food sprinklers, go to the water source. It’s a multitude of different things that could be drawing the pigs here,” said vice president Mitchell Tynanes.

Tynanes says wild pigs start getting braver at residential areas in search of food and water. He says he can set up what’s known as a pen trap with enough room to hold several pigs.

“I’ll probably talk to the homeowners here so that they could keep an eye on it. That way when I bait it, set it and then when pigs go in, I can take it out as soon as possible,” Tynanes said.

The pigs are then hauled out and taken to a farm. The pig hunters do it for free and, of course, they get to keep the pigs.

Part of the problem is some residents feed the pigs, which they say is a bad idea. Mililani Town Association urges residents not to do it, but “we have no jurisdiction to order someone they can’t feed the pigs. We just beg the public’s help on that,” said O’Neal.

The Pig Hunters Association of Oahu says they can set the trap by this weekend and could get rid of the problem within a few days.

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