USS Arizona Memorial reopens after landing dock repairs

A team of military and civilian engineers, divers, Seabees, crane operators and others completed repairs to the dock and brow leading to the USS Arizona Memorial. (Photo: Navy Region Hawaii)

The National Park Service re-opened the USS Arizona Memorial Friday morning after repairs to the landing dock were completed.

The Navy said it will do a visual safety inspection of the dock each morning before the first tour. Public tours to the landmark begins at 7:30 a.m.

The U.S. Navy has been working full-time since the dock was damaged last week.

Divers successfully adjusted anchor chains to have the floating platform at the correct distance and in the right position, and crews installed the brow, which is the passenger gangway leading from the boat and pier to the memorial.

“The memorial itself is a stationary object. The floating dock obviously moves, and then the brow that was replaced just yesterday afternoon is the connector between the stationary memorial and the floating dock,” said Abby Wines with the National Park Service. “So we want to make sure that when the shifts of high and low tide occur, that everything is still stationary and appears to be safe and stable.”

Tour boats had been taking visitors out onto the water to see the memorial from a distance. The change led to a 40 percent drop in ferry riders, officials said.

The memorial’s floating dock was damaged on May 27 at around 7:30 a.m., as two tugboats pulled the hospital ship USNS Mercy out to sea. The U.S. Navy said the ship may have made contact with the floating dock leading to the memorial.

Strong prop wash from the ship pushed the floating dock and access structure, also known as the brow, approximately 10 feet toward the memorial, damaging handrails and the dock’s infrastructure, officials said.

Investigations are underway, led by U.S. Coast Guard and Military Sealift Command.

A sailor works to repair the floating dock at the USS Arizona Memorial (Photo: Navy Region Hawaii)
A sailor works to repair the floating dock at the USS Arizona Memorial (Photo: Navy Region Hawaii)

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