Do you know how dirty your toothbrush is?

You use your toothbrush to clean your teeth everyday, but just how clean is it?

Scientists recently conducted a study and found the tightly packed bristles are actually one of the dirtiest things you may come across.

The American Society for Microbiology found there’s a good chance your toothbrush contains fecal matter.

If you share a bathroom with someone, the likelihood of that will skyrocket to 80 percent.

“Here’s the toilet. When you flush it, there’s a spray from the toilet. There’s the toothbrush not so far away, or you just touch it after you’re doing your toilet thing,” said Dr. Len Horovitz, an internist at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Doctors say the best things to do is not share your toothbrush with your partner, which increases the amount of bacteria you can come across.

Always switch out your brush every three to four months.

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